Files you can download


1. The Col's RFA Explorer Version 1.2
This thing is pretty cool... Windows Explorer type interface to BF1942 RFA Files... This tool will browse, search and create RFAs.

Old version 1.0

 You can now register to be informed of updates to the RFA Explorer by clicking this link!


2. The Colonel's Video - My attempt at a movie... just learning the tool really... other peoples clips from here and there patched together just for fun.

3. The Colonel's Propaganda Poster Collection - These posters and pictures are great if you want to create a sig or somfin... whatever... Have you tried the RFA Explorer??? Download #1 above??? Download it!!


Want to email me?  Want the code for the RFA explorer (written in Delphi)? Want to make a feature request for the RFA explorer?  Go ahead and email me then... I'll be happy to hear what you have to say.

Email the Col.